Unicorn Class

Ms Griffiths teaches the Infants (Years 1 and 2,) she works with Miss Welling, Teaching Assistant.  The children are friendly, enthusiastic and keen to learn!  The Year 2 children are kind and supportive to the Year 1 children, helping them to settle and learn new routines at the beginning of the school year.  As the year develops all the children work together to become more independent and resolve challenges within their learning.

The children enjoy coming to school and learning in a secure, fun and engaging classroom.  Every term there is a cross- curricular topic, around the curriculum areas including English, science, ICT, history, geography, design and technology, art and sometimes PE.  The children begin the topic with a memorable experience, which can include things such as a messy mixtures morning, a trip to the woodland or even a visit from the ‘Queen.’  Mathematics is mainly taught as a discrete subject; however the Infants take topic opportunities to use their Mathematics skills.

The children work in appropriate ability groups for English and Maths, which can involve independent, partner and/or small group work.  The core subjects are differentiated to cater for all abilities within the class, as well as targeted intervention to meet all children’s individual needs.

The children enjoy kinaesthetic activities, which are planned as much as possible to support the children’s learning of all subjects.  These experiences often support the children within their learning of a particular subject.

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