Class Structure

The 3 years of the Foundation Stage are known as:

F1        These are children who become 5 in the academic year and can join the school register as Reception children at the start of that year. Deferment to the term following the child’s actual birthday is subject to availability of places. At Hailey, these children are known as the Dragonflies.

F2        These are the Nursery children who are already 3 in September and turn 4 over the academic year. They will be on the school’s nursery register. At Hailey, these children are known as the Butterflies.

F3        These are also Nursery children; those that turn 3 during the academic year and, subject to place availability, are able to join on the school’s nursery register the following term. At Hailey, these are the youngest children in the Foundation Stage and they are known as the Caterpillars.

All classes are open during Hailey School term times.