“I am always amazed how quickly the staff get to know my child inside and out.  They know exactly what to do in order to get the best out of them.”  Parent comment to Ofsted Inspector.

Hailey School believes that in order to achieve our vision of providing the best starting block for children in our care, we must develop a healthy partnership with parents and pupils. We want to be recognised as the school of choice for parents in the local community. The supportive and caring nature of our school community is highly valued by parents, as is the friendliness of staff and pupils who all know one another, and we always encourage parents to come in and speak with our staff if they have any questions or concerns. Through regular communication with the families at our school, via our weekly newsletters and the website, we strive to promote close working and two-way support. Each class teacher also provides a letter each term outlining the key areas the children will be working on. Hailey School believes this partnership approach is vital, and has developed a new Home School Agreement that reflects this focus on two-way working. We have actively involved parents in the development of our vision and values, and we conduct annual surveys to get feedback from parents about the school. Four parent governors sit on our governing body and help guide the strategic direction of the school. We also have a very active parents’ fundraising team called ‘The Friends of Hailey School’ who hold events throughout the year that really benefit the children as well as raising money for the school. They hold summer and Xmas fayres that are a wonderful way for parents and children to come together and enjoy activities at the school, and we really encourage parents to get involved. For more specific school information please see our ‘Parent Information’ pages.