Effective Teaching

Through Assessment for learning techniques and strategies we encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning; to be involved in reviewing the way they learn, setting themselves targets and reflecting on what they have learnt. They are encouraged to reflect on what helps them to learn and what makes it difficult for them to learn.

All our teaching staff

· Provide feedback which leads pupils to recognise their next steps and how to take them
· Promote confidence that every pupil can improve
· Involve pupils in reviewing and reflecting on assessment information

1. Motivation and challenge

At Hailey CE Primary school we focus on motivating the children and building on their skills, knowledge and understanding.

We base our teaching on our knowledge of the children’s attainment through rigorous assessment and our prime objective is to further their knowledge, understanding and skills. We strive to ensure that all tasks are differentiated appropriately to the child’s level of ability and previous attainment. We have high expectations of all our children. Due regard is given to children with Special Educational Needs as detailed in Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

2. Equality of opportunity

All adults at Hailey CE Primary School work hard to establish good relationships with the children in the school. All adults treat children fairly, with kindness and respect and give them equal opportunities to take part in activities regardless of anyprotected characteristic. All staff follow our agreed Behaviour and Anti-bullying policies and insist on good order and behaviour as set out in the agreed school code of conduct.

3. The learning environment

We believe that a stimulating environment sets the climate for learning and that an exciting classroom promotes independent use of resources and high-quality work by children and adults alike. As a staff we ensure that all classrooms and shared areas are an attractive learning environment. We aim to change displays regularly reflecting the curriculum areas being studied at the time and ensure that all children have an opportunity to display their work at some time during the academic year.

4. The role of PPA

From September 2005 it became statutory for all teachers to be given 10% non-contact time for planning, preparation and assessment. This ensures:

· High quality lesson preparation
· High quality teaching and learning
· High quality assessment used to inform planning and therefore improve standards