Working in partnership with parents and carers

We are aware that children will arrive at Hailey FSU with different experiences, interests and skills.  With this in mind, we consider it essential to build good home-school relationships whereby both staff and parents/carers can liaise closely to discuss each individual child’s circumstances and needs. At Hailey FSU we understand that parents can provide us with vital information about their child that can help us to meet their child’s needs more accurately.  We will always arrange a time to talk to a member of staff if you have any concerns at all (no matter how trivial you may think they are).

Regular newsletters/correspondence will be sent home. These will inform parents of the activities that will be taking place during that term.  There is also a notice board in the entrance of the unit and outside by the main door. Children will also be given School newsletters and any other correspondence that goes out to the rest of the school. The school governors play a large part in school life and they too, send home regular newsletters. There are also opportunities for parents to stand for election to become part of the school’s governing body.

Parent and carer involvement and help is very much appreciated and our parents are very supportive with fundraising activities via the Friends of Hailey School.