Drop Off and Collection

Please come into the classroom with your child at the start of the day.  If you have older siblings, please deliver them to school before coming into the FSU.  You are welcome to bring younger siblings into the classroom while you are settling your child, but we would point out that some of the equipment is not suitable for the under threes and therefore any younger children are your responsibility.


All staff are required to fully recognise the parents, carers or nominated persons collecting children from Hailey FSU.  No child will be released to a person claiming they are collecting for a friend or family unless we have been informed.  If someone other than yourself or your nominated person(s) will be collecting your child, please tell a member of staff. If you have made alternative arrangements for picking up but have not informed us we will not be able to release your child until we have spoken to you.

Could you please tell the staff if your child has come to the FSU with an existing injury and also if there is any infectious disease in your family.  In the case of vomiting or diarrhea there should be at least one whole day at home without further attacks before your child returns.

Please make sure you arrive on time to pick your child up at the end of the session.  It can be very distressing for your child if you are late to pick them up.  If a problem occurs and you realise you will be late, please telephone to let us know.  (01993 703802).

At the end of the session, once your child has been handed over to you, it is your responsibility to escort them safely off the premises. Do stop to read the notices posted on the notice board, as there may be important information about what the children will be doing.