Vision Statement and Values

 Hailey CE Primary School Vision Statement

Our Vision for the Future

We aspire to provide the best starting block for children in our village and the surrounding area through the pursuit of excellence – in our provision for the children in our care, and also in our role in, and responsibilities to, our local community.

Our Aims

  • To provide a safe, caring, loving environment that promotes core Christian and British values in our children, preparing them for their next school and in later life. We aim to equip them with the self-esteem, confidence, respect, resilience and tolerance to be responsible and contributing members of a global society.
  • To inspire and achieve consistently outstanding attainment and progress by our children, challenging and supporting all pupils
  • To be recognised as the school of choice for families in the local community, balancing academic progress with the physical, moral, social and cultural development of their children
  • To be recognised as a school of choice for staff working in the education sector, providing a happy, productive working environment that supports and develops its staff
  • To positively contribute to and support the local church and village community; being recognised with pride by those communities for our integral role in village life.

Our Values

We believe in:

  • Promoting Christian values in our children and school community, particularly love & tolerance (respect for others) and instilling good behaviour.
  • Providing our children, parents and staff with a caring, friendly, “family” atmosphere
  • Inspiring a love of learning amongst our pupils which is supported by their parents
  • Educating our children in, and celebrating, diversity in the UK and global society
  • Working in harmony with our families, local church & village community & our partner schools
  • Leading by example on trust and honesty, by our children, staff & governors
  • Fulfilling our Mission Statement: “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

Our Approach

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Ensuring all decisions are made, prioritising and keeping the best outcomes for our children in mind at all times.
  • A school-wide focus on accelerating pupils’ progress and learning in all areas such that every child is enabled to achieve their full potential.
  • Constantly striving to adopt best practice in teaching and learning, either identified within the school and cascaded as necessary, or resourced through collaboration with other schools and educational establishments.
  • Making best use of our wonderful outdoor space and facilities through a diverse offering of sports, recreational and cultural activities during and after school hours that help to develop healthy, active and creative children.
  • Retaining and enhancing our high calibre, dedicated team of staff – providing an environment that supports and develops its employees, delivering outstanding leadership, teaching, safeguarding and care across the school as a result.
  • Recognising our relationship with the church, the Friends of Hailey School and our village community, protecting and enhancing the role of the school within the village.
  • Developing strategic partnerships with other schools and educational establishments to drive school improvement and increase leadership capacity, staff development and budget efficiencies required to meet our vision.
  • Effectively, and with rigorous overview, managing and allocating our funding and resources to support our vision and aims.
  • Integrating our equality policies and behaviour in all we do, to promote tolerance, respect and an understanding of physical, cultural and spiritual diversity.
  • Maintaining the benefits of a “small school” environment as much as possible, in order that the current recognised advantages are protected.
  • A focus on partnership and two-way communication with the families at the school, to fully engage them in their children’s education and school life and enlist their support of the school