Links with the Church

As a Church of England VC School, we have strong links with St John’s Church Hailey, which is part of the Witney Parish of churches. A minister from the team in Witney Benefice visits weekly to lead assemblies, open to all pupils and staff to provide frequent opportunities for collective worship. The school visits St. John’s Church for services such as Harvest Festival, our Christmas carol concert and a ‘Leavers’ service’ in the summer. Our Easter service is held here at the school.

We also have links with other churches in Witney and actively take part in local, national and global Christian initiatives, such as Dorchester Festival of Voices, Christian Aid week and Samaritan’s Purse shoebox appeal.

Our weekly newsletter to parents and carers communicates details of St. John’s services and Church related activities in our local area.

In addition, our Governing body has links with the local DCC, with specific governors and parents sitting on this committee and thus able to communicate school spirtual progress and issues to the church on our behalf and bring back to the school information regarding developments in the local church community.

Further information on our RE and Collective Worship policies are available in the school prospectus.