How Parents Can Help

The role of parents in working with and supporting their children with homework is very important in a variety of ways. We would recommend the following to help your child:

  • Provide a reasonably peaceful, suitable place where your child/children can work alone, or more often for younger children, together with an adult.
  • Make it clear to your children that you value the homework that they do, and support the school by explaining why homework will help their learning.
  • Praise your children when they have completed their homework.
  • Decide, as a family, what is a good time for homework to be attempted: before school, after school, after TV?
  • Recognise that it is your child’s responsibility to complete the work. Discuss the work with your child, decide together if your help is needed and what form it might take. Don’t be tempted to do the work for your child if they are finding it difficult. Discuss difficulties with the teacher. Younger children will need to work with parents, e.g. reading together, practising spellings, etc.

Children who do not complete homework are disadvantaged and may not be able to move on in class work. For this reason, we may have to arrange for children to catch up on homework during their school break-times.