Child Protection and Safeguarding

Child protection and safeguarding matters are taken very seriously at Hailey School.  The partnership between parents, the school, the Local Authority and other support agencies is an important part of protecting your child and promoting his/her welfare.  The school has an Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board approved child protection policy, which can be accessed here  or requested from the school office.
All staff and volunteers on the premises are subject to safeguarding checks and appropriate training.  The school has a separate safeguarding policy that its staff, governing body and adults working at the school use to ensure we follow current national and local statute and guidelines for visitors to the school, safer recruitment, safeguarding training of staff, keeping children safe in education, preventing radicalisation, whistleblowing and other best practices for the protection and care of our pupils.  This policy is continually updated to ensure the most current guidance is in place, but current copies can be accessed by request through the school office.
Child protection at Hailey School is the responsibility of the Headteacher, Mrs Debbie Davies and the whole governing body.  Other staff members with specific safeguarding responsibilities are our Deputy Head, Ms Sharon Jenkins and our Assistant SENCo, Mrs Liz Jarrett.  Then named governor for child protection is Mr Graham Simpson.  Any of these people can be contacted for advice and information via the school office.
We want to also support pupils and families on child protection and safety matters outside of the school environment; online safety is a particular worry for pupils and parents.  Please find below some links to information and resources that you may find useful; some of these – such as the ThinkUKNow/Click CEOP, will be known to your child as they form part of our curriculum on staying safe and also keeping safe online.  If you have specific concerns however and would prefer to talk to someone at the school, please contact any of the safeguarding leads above for advice.
Useful Resources and Links
PACE UK (Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation)
UK Safer Internet Centre
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