Anti Bullying Procedures

Bullying is not tolerated at Hailey School, and is dealt with swiftly and professionally. We believe that if children are encouraged to be good citizens in an environment where they are stimulated and excited by their learning, it will minimise the occurrence of bullying. We have a very low incidence of bullying, which is recognised in our parent, pupil and staff surveys which also report that pupils are well behaved. Hailey School educates children about bullying and prejudice though the curriculum and also through specific focus events such as Anti-bullying week, Safer Internet Day, Health and Safety Week, National Sports Week and One World week. Through these events we are able to tackle complex issues such as cyber-bullying and derogatory language.  Support and resources for parents are also provided through activities and literature at these events, as well as the links and information available on the school website.