School Uniform

In September we will return to full school uniform. This consists of –

  • Navy sweatshirts or cardigans
  • White polo shirts
  • Charcoal grey or black conventional school trousers
  • Charcoal grey or black skirt
  • Navy/blue gingham dress
  • Plain white, grey, navy or black socks

Additionally, pupils must not wear nail varnish or jewellery other than small plain studded earrings that will need to be removed or covered for PE. Hair should be a natural colour with no tram lines or patterns shaved into hair.  Discrete hairbands and hair accessories may be worn.

School shoes

In September we will not have indoor shoes for any group. This will reduce pupils gathering in our cloakroom areas. Therefore, shoes for school will need to be suitable for the whole day including break time and lunchtime as well as ‘Fit in 15’. It therefore seems most sensible that children have more of a trainer type shoe or indeed trainers. All footwear needs to be black (they may include a small logo or small amount of colour). If your child has shoes with laces, please ensure they can tie them independently.

PE kit

In September, PE kit should be kept at home and children will come to school in their kit on the days that they have PE (timetable to be confirmed at the start of term). Outdoor activities are being encouraged and wherever possible we will be doing PE outside.

Therefore, PE kit should be comfortable and warm and consist of –

  • navy jogging bottoms and sweatshirt or tracksuit
  • white polo shirt or t shirt
  • black trainers (as above)

Please follow this link to our online school uniform supplier –