Managing Behaviour

Hailey School provides its children and staff with a caring, friendly, family atmosphere, which celebrates diversity in the UK and in our global society.  Our school values of love and tolerance underpin our approach to the teaching and development of children in our care.

We expect high standards of behaviour from all members of the school community through positive attitudes, self-discipline, high self-esteem and mutual respect. We are proud that the children at Hailey School are recognised by the local community for their good behaviour and respect for others, evidenced by parent feedback, visitor comments, and feedback from agency and local authority advisors, as well as other schools with whom we work.

We are committed to creating a safe environment where children can learn and play, can talk about their worries and be confident that an adult will listen and will offer help. Parent and pupil feedback consistently shows that they believe the school has a happy atmosphere, and that the children feel happy and safe at our school.

We also ensure we involve pupil voice in the development of our school behaviour policies and practice. The children created their own“manifesto” that is displayed around the school, and an anti bullying leafletin a project conducted in a partnership project with Our Lady of Lourdes school.

Our full behaviour policy and practice is delivered by our staff through the curriculum and through school visits and visitors, using positive reward systems, backed up by a programme of assemblies delivered by the head teacher and deputy head that develop our children as global citizens and promote the school values of love and tolerance.

We apply these policies and approach to all members of our school community: pupils, parents and staff, and we expect all members of the school community to abide by the same values.  Please also see our Home School Agreement and Code of Conduct for Parents and Carers which provide further relevant information on these expectations.

Anti Bullying Procedures

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