Sex and Relationships Education

Sex and Relationships Education is taught as part of the National Curriculum and is integrated into other curriculum areas such as Science and PSHCE.   It includes knowledge about human growth and development, life cycles and an appreciation of the right of every individual to enjoy relationships based on mutual respect and responsibility, free from abuse.

Our class teacher, delivers lessons to Year 5 pupils on puberty and the school nurse delivers the Year 6 pupils SRE curriculum on conception and birth.  Parents are kept informed about when these lessons are to be delivered and are welcome to view the lesson plans, video and other lesson materials.  We recognise and value parental responsibility in this area, and aim to support and complement the parental role.  If you have any anxieties about this please ask to read our SRE Policy.  An appointment to discuss your concerns with the headteacher or the school nurse could also be arranged. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from this area of the curriculum in consultation with the Headteacher.