Pegasus Class (Nursery and Reception)

Welcome to Hailey’s youngest children’s pages. We are a curious, happy and interesting group, keen to learn and share the many exciting things that we do in our class. Our class has 15 F1 children, better known as the Dragonflies. The F2 children are called the Butterflies, and  F3 children are Caterpillars. Mrs Griffiths is our class teacher and she works with two Teaching Assistants.  Our day starts at 8.50am when we gather on the carpet for the register. Mrs Griffiths then tells us what our activities are for the rest of the day and these might include, phonics, maths, arts and crafts, PE, outdoor learning and child initiated play.  We join the rest of the school for lunchtimes, assemblies and whole school events.  We really enjoy meeting up with our Upper Junior buddies and playing on the main playground and field.

Class Newsletter


Class TeacherMrs Lizzie Griffiths, Class Teacher


Miss Welling, Teaching Assistant