“Always do what is right.  It will please half of mankind and surprise the other.” Mark Twain

At Hailey, we regard PSHE a paramount subject and we allow and encourage it’s importance of knowledge and understanding; creating a platform to increase discussion, debate and questions; and in the long run rejoice in the outcomes we see and hear from putting such a large focus on four essential parts of life: personal, social, health and economic focus. Ultimately, our aim is to teach our children the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive relationships and lifestyles in our wider world. Through our PSHE curriculum and school ethos, we invite our children to challenge stereotypes, break barriers and explore all answers to unanswered questions.

A high quality PSHE programme will also cover economic wellbeing, careers and enterprise education, as well as education for personal safety, including assessing and managing risk.

National Curriculum for PSHE


Love, Compassion, Respect